No solo de SEO vive el hombre

How do we work as consultants in SEO campaign? What is our methodology?

There are four fundamental areas to achieve to optimize a web page in search engines. These are essential to get SEO campaign successful: indexing status, concepts and competition analysis, seo on page and seo off page.

Indexing status: when you build a construction you have to start with the foundations, the same happens when you create a website. We look at the indexing status web and how is its technical state, in order to fix the vices that it has when it comes to being tracked by search engines. This influences the possibilities to have a better ranking.

Analysis of concepts and competence: we analyze the terms or concepts that users use in relation to the services or products our client provides. The aim is to find the most appropriate words and take them to the textual contents. The most obvious contents are not always the most relevant. We evaluate the state of the competition, their ranking in search engines and we compare our clients business model with its competitors to reach effective results.

SEO consultant on page: the set of actions that are executed within a website to optimize all of our clients pages and achieve that search engines index most of them in the top positions. In SEO on page there are hundreds of factors involved that change, as algorithms of search engines evolve. When these actions are executed, the location of the search concepts extracted from the previous area is established.

SEO consultant off page: the process of promoting a website through external links that point to our clients page or online stores. These have to be generated naturally and come from site with good authority and similar themes. The best way to achieve them is through the publication of articles in a blog, promotion in social networks or channels that allows us to generate those links interacting naturally.

How do we value a prooject as SEO consultants?

Basically according to the magnitude and competence:

Consultor seo local

Local SEO consultant: perfect for self-employed or companies that want to improve their in a local area (city, province or community). Minimum campaign of six months.

Consultor seo nacional

National SEO Consultant: Ideal for businesses or services that want to obtain better national search rankings. Minimum campaign of six months.

Consultor seo internacional

International SEO consultant: focused on those businesses that offer their products or services inside and outside our borders. Minimum campaign of six months.

What if I want a consultant to get inmediate visibility? Adwords is the answer

Using Adwords you can set up campaigns that offer the advantage of appearing in good positions immediately bidding for certain search concepts, showing ads to visitors who enter the web on other platforms that benefit from Google’s option to display ads in their website or directly showing your articles to user thanks to Google Shopping.
We have detailed reports on the scope and expense available. The campaigns are monitored in real time and at any time you can check the status and make changes.

Types of Adwords networks:

Search: the search network displays ads that appear in Google results when the user searches for your products or services. These are displayed with the ad tag. Shopping network also appears in the results with an image of the items of products that are being searched.

Display: is a set of websites that show Adwords ads. These can appear as text, banner or in video format. You can select the type of page, blog, news pages, website or public to display these ads.

Remarketing: that allows you to show users who have previously visited your website ads, including personalized ads based on the pages they have visited. Ads are displayed on sites that are part of the Display network. It is a good option to remind users who have visited your website that they saw a certain product or service for which they showed interest.

If you are also interested in Web Development services or Brand and Design we can lend you a hand.

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